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Top 10 Corporate Online Training Companies – 2021

With technology playing an indispensable role in delivering personalized, continuous professional development, leveraging the right online training strategy tops the corporate agenda. Corporate training is going through massive positive disruptions as a result of wider, overarching initiatives in digital transformation. Companies are increasingly integrating their online training approaches with technology advancements to not only improve workplace efficiency but also increase employee retention rates.

Just-in-time online training is a novel, innovative strategy that allows employees to expand their knowledge round the clock. They can get answers to questions and focus on essential skills needed to excel in their career simultaneously. Besides, mobile learning brings with it an array of benefits, including scheduling flexibility, portability, and easy access to more content. At the same time, recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) continue to transform corporate training dramatically.

As such, the technological progressions in the corporate training arena are opening up a universe of new possibilities for corporate online training companies. This implies that corporate firms looking for companies providing robust online training solutions have to choose from a plethora of options.

To make this task easier and assist CIOs in identifying the right companies providing corporate online training solutions, Manage HR presents to you “Top 10 Corporate Online Training Companies - 2021.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Manage HR editorial board has selected the top corporate online training companies. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Corporate Online Training Companies

  • Ancora Corporate Training is the training division of Ancora Education that assists various organizations across different sectors with their training needs. The company specializes in offering agile, scalable solutions that fit within businesses’ existing operations and their unique goals, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. It has always focused on building long-term relationships with corporations, government agencies, and community colleges across the nation to offer expert training delivered by industry professionals since its foundation. Ancora Corporate Training combines the skills of a higher education course with the agility needed to compete in today’s marketplace

  • Biopharma Institute offers convenient, efficient, and effective training solutions to professionals working within the pharmaceutical, clinical research, medical device, and regulatory industries

  • Enter Compliance Solutions, an industry leader in occupational health and safety training. The company brings multiple approaches to compliance training such as instructor-led training, online learning, and on-site training. Founded on December 15, 1995, in Denver,Colorado,Compliance Solutions provides training and services for over 14,000 clients all over the country. safety.The company’s training programs enable the learners remember the content. In fact, there’s no way one can teach a learner every single section of OSHO, EPA, or any other regulations. As an occupational safety and health training company, their job is to make sure that the students remember key aspects of training when they walk out of the door. The company enables them to assess hazardous situations and take appropriate actions

  • ThinkingKap Learning Solutions provides in-depth knowledge of adult learning theory, instructional design process, instructional strategies, eLearning development, and training evaluation. The company's team of accomplished training professionals, extensively experienced as both designers and developers, create a wide range of effective training programs designed to address diverse client needs. ThinkingKap develops content spanning topics within the technology, healthcare, finance industries, and more. Its client training materials are deliverable through multiple methods: self-paced eLearning, instructor-led training (either in-person or remote), and blended strategies featuring the best of both approaches

  • Educate 360

    Educate 360

    Educate 360 is the professional training partner of choice for companies whose goal is to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, increase cross-functional alignment, and drive results that help exceed the business' performance goals. The company's 65+ instructors hold an array of certifications and have real-world project management, business, and instructional experience across a broad range of industries, and must pass the company's rigorous vetting and onboarding process. In addition, Educate 360 offers flexible training formats, including onsite & virtual private group training, vouchers to secure seats in its public courses, and self-paced video-on-demand training to support ongoing professional development and skill enhancement

  • HudsonMann


    Founded in 1993, HudsonMann provides training, consulting services, and outsourcing to the Human Resources community in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. During this time, HudsonMann has emerged as a leader in affirmative action outsourcing services. The company is committed to helping its clients succeed in today's dynamic environment. HudsonMann supports over 600 organizations nationwide at more than 3,000 client sites. The company's focus on customer service ensures that its clients not only have compliant Affirmative Action Programs but also peace of mind. HudsonMann supports companies of all sizes in all industries

  • Mastery Training Services

    Mastery Training Services

    Mastery Training Services is a leader in the corporate online training marketplace. The company helps organizations grow and become more successful with its comprehensive workplace training systems and services. In this way, Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective, and impressive organizations. The company's workplace safety training is used in some of the largest companies in the world and yet is affordable for everyone. Whether a Fortune 500 company that needs industrial safety training or a small contractor needing to deliver OSHA training to 5 workers, Mastery Training Services has a solution for every client

  • OutSolve


    OutSolve is a leading provider of outsourced, OFCCP compliant affirmative action plans, audit preparation, and compliance support. OutSolve works to provide accurate, audit-ready AAPs for its clients. The company's sole business is affirmative action planning and related Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs. OutSolve ensures that the client is prepared in the event the OFCCP contacts them. Companies hire OutSolve more than other affirmative action program providers because we provide prompt, professional, and personalized services. The company's team of compliance experts has worked with some of the largest government contractors, financial institutions, and many small to mid-sized companies

  • TalentKeepers


    TalentKeepers has been helping organizations and winning awards for nearly two decades with solutions that ignite engagement, boost retention and improve business results. As a leader in employee engagement solutions, the company knows how to motivate employees to commit, engage, and excel in their job, team, and career. TalentKeepers' employee engagement solutions span the employee life cycle, from pre-hire tools to exit strategies, building commitment, engagement, and higher performance throughout the workforce

  • Trupp HR

    Trupp HR

    As a provider of human resource solutions designed to enhance the employee experience while streamlining employee management and compliance activities, Trüpp is reinventing HR from the ground up with a progressive and relevant approach that scales with the evolving needs of today’s business landscape. Trüpp’s strategic approach to delivering HR services enables its clients to offload the complexity of HR with a technology-driven, full-service HR experience. Solutions include HR outsourcing, benefits administration outsourcing, payroll administration outsourcing, HR consulting, compensation consulting, HR audits, employee handbooks, supervisor training, and leadership development

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